The Myth of Balance

A situation in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions.

While this may be true about your favourite pizza, I’m sorry to say that it probably doesn’t relate to your life. Think about the times you’ve said, “I wish I could find more balance in my life.” Did you really mean that? Or was that code for, “I wish I could do everything I want to, and do it well”?

We all have this laundry list of things we think we ‘should’ be doing: working, exercising, cooking, eating healthy, socializing, cleaning, being a good parent/child/friend/sister/brother… blah blah blah. And we expect ourselves to be PERFECT at all of those things.

I get it, I’m human too. I thought it would be a breeze after quitting my job, but trying to build my own business, take care of family, keep my dog alive, work out 4 days a week, hit 15,000 steps a day, eat properly, get 8 hours of sleep, focus on my health problems… um, yeah, there’s no breeze on this side of town.

Here’s the deal, you can’t put 100% of your energy into every single aspect of your life. Something’s got to give!

If you’re hustling and building a business, your sleep and exercise is probably going on the back burner. If you’re focusing on spending time with family, you might not be eating as well as you’d like. If you’re training to be a competitive athlete, well then you can say goodbye to your social life for a while.

As much as we’d like to think we’re great multitaskers, our energy is never going to be distributed evenly. THERE IS NO BALANCE IN REAL LIFE.

You CHOOSE to prioritise different things based on the season of life you’re in and you ACCEPT that you cannot do it all at once.

Think of your to-do list as buckets and you have a finite amount of water (energy) to fill them with. Which bucket will bring you the most joy? Which one will make you feel the most fulfilled?

Focus on that one.

Is there something that stresses you out or doesn’t serve you right now? Don’t fill that bucket as much. Because guess what, that bucket will still be there whenever you feel like you can come back to it. You have the POWER to change your focus whenever you want!

Don’t think for one second that anyone else has all their s**t together, because they don’t. Trust me. There is no reason to make yourself feel inferior just because you think you can’t do it all and other people can. And if they make you think so, it’s probably a lie.

Chase joy, chase fulfilment, chase excitement…and accept that an imbalanced life is real balance.

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