Beware of Destination Addiction

Destination Addiction: The idea that you will find happiness in the next place, the next 5 lbs lost, the next job, the next partner.

It’s this illusion or belief that true happiness is waiting for you somewhere in the future. 

The reality is, though, that the destination is simply a road marker; a little pit stop until you find a new pursuit.

Think about this scenario: you’re unhappy with your body because you think you need to lose some weight. You constantly pick at those little bits and think, “If I could just get rid of these, I’ll finally love my body.”

So you diet — restricting your food and go about your day in miserable hunger. You exercise excessively, forcing yourself through hours on the treadmill every week. It works though, and you get to your goal weight.

You look in the mirror, are you happy now? Maybe a little. But then you find something else you want to change; or you pick out a smaller pair of jeans you wish you could fit into. And so you start the vicious cycle again.

Does this scenario sound familiar?

Destination Addiction is applicable to literally every aspect of your life. It’s this constant pursuit of happiness that we believe is elsewhere. We always have to get to the next thing before we can truly enjoy the moment. But we never get to that ‘somewhere else’. There’s always something more. There is no point of arrival. And we’re constantly left dissatisfied.

We live to make it to the end of the day, the end of the week, the end of the year, convinced that the next phase will be better; we will DO better. So we work harder. We rush through our lives, trying to get to the good bit that is always just out of reach. To that end, we lose the moments of joy that happen throughout our daily lives. We get lost in this never-ending game of catch up.  

Until you give up the idea that happiness is in the ‘next thing’, it will NEVER be where you are right now. 

Happiness doesn’t come from a destination. It doesn’t come from a circumstance, a thing, a food, or an achievement. Sure, it feels good to look forward to a new job, a new workout routine, a new house, but take the time to enjoy your life as it is at this moment, too.

Happiness comes from within. It comes from the gratitude for things we have or the circumstances we are in right now, not from the destination. If you choose to be content with what you have now, you free yourself from the addiction of WAITING to be happy.

Wherever RIGHT NOW is — whether it’s enjoyable or challenging — be all there. You’ll be amazed at what kind of magic can flow when you focus on the present.

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